Sergey Vostrikov: 
Startup House CEO. Harvard MBA. Former Managing Partner of Vostoc Capital and President of iMoneyBank.
Alex Kurashenko: 
Crypto Investor, blockchain enthusiast co-founder of webinar platform Expert System (World Guinness record in 2012, brings 12012 attendees with zero budget) Partner at NIUBILITY WORLD BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION.

Dr. Ann Shin, D.Ed.:
Fenox General Partner for Blockchain Fund. Columbia D.Ed. More than 15 years of startups and investors matchmaking. Organizer of 50,000+ members meetup groups.
Roger Royse: 
The founder of the Royse Law Firm, works with companies ranging from newly formed tech startups to publicly traded multinationals in a variety of industries.
Jay Hao:
CEO at OKEx | Chief Customer Service Officer | Blockchain Evangelist | 
Ian Utile:
Founded several successful companies, incl. Kukui, ranked as the #1 fastest growing private organization in San Jose (#76 in the US) by The Inc. 500. Optimistic Tech Futurist: Blockchain.