Why Us

Ultrafund Capital, LLC, incorporated in Delaware on 10/2/2018, is the Fund Management company of Ultrafund Capital, LP, a venture capital firm, incorporated in Delaware on 11/2/2018. We’re US based and compliant to conduct business worldwide.

Our Advantage compared to other venture capital funds:

Low Entry Level: Only $100,000 to come in for individual accredited investors.

Short lock-in period: 7 years.

Low Management fee: 2% for the first 3 years, then 0.25% for the next 4 years.

Low Administrative overheads: As a commissioned investor for several trusted partners, we don’t have our own due diligence team.*

*We get the best projects that have already gone through stringent due diligence and go to market process to ensure success.

We have already 10 incubation houses in the Bay Area, and 1 in Hong Kong. Next we’re expanding to Thailand, Israel, and Dubai.

Our Advantage compared to others in similar space: